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21. 04. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, Our Projects

With lots of green spaces stunning lakes and stylish residential areas Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf definitely has a lot to offer. The district in the western part of the city centre comprises Berlin’s most popular day-trip destinations including Grunewald Teufelsberg and the Havel river as well as some of the capital’s prime real estate. Read More

11. 11. 2016 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, Our Projects

You are an exercise fanatic who has the strong analytical skills and business acumen to run a successful fitness studio for an upmarket clientele? Why not turn your passion into your profession?

We can offer you an attractive commercial property in the heart of West Berlin to help you set up your own fitness studio. Read More

08. 08. 2014 | Jürgen Kriegisch | News @en, Our Projects

Properties in Berlin either for living in or as a capital investment are ever more sought after and not just for the ordinary punter but for celebrities as well. This was evident from last Wednesday’s broadcast ‘Promis suchen ein Zuhause’ [‘Celebrities looking for a home’] on RTL II. Read More