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01. 09. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, News @en

With a billion-euro increase in gross revenue over the past two years bringing the annual sales volume up to 11.58 billion euros Berlin’s tourism economy has just broken another record. A new study commissioned by the visitBerlin tourism portal has found that with 38 million overnight stays with friends relatives or in privately owned holiday apartments visitors to the German capital are more likely to stay in private accommodation than in hotels or B&Bs (31 million overnight stays). Read More

25. 08. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, News @en

Housing is one of the most hotly debated – and thus potentially decisive – political issues in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Germany. Unsurprisingly the different parties’ election manifestos all contain promises and proposals on issues around housing renting and building. Read on to find out more about what’s at stake for homeowners developers tenants and would-be buyers when Germans go to the polls on September 24.

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04. 08. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, News @en

Owning residential property in Germany is a profitable investment. Across more than half of the 402 German cities and administrative districts homeowners can expect the value of their property to remain stable or appreciate between now and 2030. This is the key finding of the “Wohnatlas 2017” study published by Postbank in cooperation with the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI). Read More

28. 07. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | News @en

For many couples buying property is a joint decision. However expectations considerations and hopes vary significantly between male and female prospective homebuyers a new study has found. According to findings published by Interhyp and ImmobilienScout24 in their “Real Estate Barometer” men tend to express greater optimism about buying property than women. Read More

21. 07. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, News @en

Berlin is the German city with the best global popularity rating a recent survey by the market and opinion research specialist Ipsos has shown. The Ipsos Online Panel canvassed around 18 500 respondents from 26 countries during April and May 2017. Overall Berlin placed at number 14 in the global ranking far ahead of Munich at number 25. Read More

27. 06. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | News @en

No question buying a property can be a pricey business. However it doesn’t necessarily mean having to make sacrifices in other areas of life. A new representative study commissioned by has found that a majority of homeowners were easily able to maintain the standard of living they were used to and didn’t feel they had to tighten their belts in order to afford their property. Read More

26. 05. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, News @en

Between 2015 and 2017 increases in residential rents in Berlin have tripled compared to the previous two-year period. The 2017 Berlin Rent Index presented to the general public by Katrin Lompscher the Senator for Urban Development in Berlin on 19 May contained plenty of good news for owners of rental properties who will now be able to raise their rents accordingly. Read More

07. 04. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, News @en

Residential properties across Germany currently sell for an average purchase price of 242 000 euros. However a recent study published by the Sparda Banks association has found that their value for money varies wildly between different regions. The association’s “Wohnen in Deutschland 2017” study is based on a comprehensive evaluation of local property markets in all 402 rural districts towns and cities across Germany by IW Consult a subsidiary of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research and the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research with a focus on the future sustainability of Read More

31. 03. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, News @en

A staggering 5 508 euros per square metre: that’s the average price buyers have to shell out for residential properties in Munich. Frankfurt is considerably less pricey at 3 549 euros as are Hamburg (3 359 euros) and Cologne (2 736 euros). Berlin brings up the rear with an average of 2 683 euros per square metre according to a new study by Deutsche Hypo a leading German mortgage lender. Read More

13. 03. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, News @en


Among the seven largest cities in Germany Berlin has the lowest ratio of new-build residential units in relation to housing demand a new study by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research has found. As a consequence the German capital’s available housing stock is lagging dramatically behind the demand for new homes. Read More

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