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Halloween in Berlin – Tips and Tricks for a Night of Horrors

23. 10. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, Tips & Tricks

 © Alexander Raths -

© Alexander Raths -

Dressed in horrific costumes, they lurk outside our front doors and their demand is simple: “Trick or treat!” Traditional American-style Halloween celebrations have long become a fixture in the German calendar. However, the annual fright-fest on the last night of October is not just for children. From scary family adventures to hair-raising club nights, there’s plenty of fearsome fun on offer for grown-ups, too. Here are our top tips for this year’s best events in the German capital:

Go See the Monsters

Workers in the Berlin Tierpark are going to dress up as spooky monsters, and there are lots of activities for children, from face painting to listening to ghost stories. In the Botanical Garden, 1,000 pumpkins are waiting to be carved into faces by visitors. There’s also a special theatre performance just for children, featuring clowns, acrobats and dancers. At the Berlin Dungeon, scary facemasks, poisoned sweets and all sorts of frightening creatures are guaranteed to send shivers down your spine: a journey back in time through the dark ages is not only great fun but also educational. Even the

 © Pressmaster -

© Pressmaster -

Museum für Naturkunde will be celebrating Halloween with an exhibition showing scary creatures from myths and legends, some of them – appropriately enough – in dark rooms.

Dancing with Vampires 

Fancy-dress parties are becoming increasingly popular in Berlin’s bars and clubs, and there’s no better occasion than Halloween to stage an out-of-this-world event! Many clubs even award prizes for the most creative costumes. Since its inaugural edition six years ago, the “Neon Halloween Party” at  Spindler und Klatt has grown to be one of the trendiest places to spend All Hallows’ Eve. The number of gruesomely clad revellers is expected to rise to 1,500 this year. If you don’t fancy joining them, there are plenty of alternatives available: head to the “Boo Halloween Party” at Club Matrix or to the Amber Suite or Kreuzberg’s Ritter Butzke club for a memorable night out.

 © Pressmaster -

© Pressmaster -

Little Shops of Horrors: the Best Places to Rent and Buy Costumes

If you don’t have the time or inclination to make your own costume, don’t worry – there are plenty of shops that specialise in gruesome outfits for Halloween. With a huge range of costumes and accessories on offer, including masks, wigs, make-up and decorations, Maskworld in Mitte is one of the most shops of its kind. Deko Behrendt in Schöneberg is another favourite. If the queues outside their door get too long, there’s always nearby Wunderwerkstadt. And if you want to look scary without spending too much money, plenty of places will rent you a costume to frighten the living daylights out of your friends.

6 Steps to Throwing the Perfect Halloween Party

Halloween Motto

© Anna Mente - Shutterstock

No. 1: Theme is Key

Halloween is all about thrills and chills. So you need a creepy theme for your party. Remember that your theme has to be reflected in every single aspect of your party, from costumes and decorations to music and food. Timeless classics such as ghost-, witch- or vampire-themed concepts are easy to put together with the aid of a few props, but there are no limits to your creativity. If you’d rather do something out of the ordinary, go for it – it’ll be well worth the extra effort. How about a “hospital of horrors”-, zombie- or werewolf-themed party?

Whatever you decide to go for, remember your aim is to make sure that everybody gets into the party spirit and even the worst grouch among your friends puts on fancy dress for once.

No. 2: Don’t Just Invite Your Guests – Give Them a Scare!

So you have gone to all the trouble of organising a horrific Halloween party, and now you are planning to invite your guests via social media or by e-mail? Of course, that’s the fastest and simplest way to do it – but it’s also the dullest by far. Instead, try to come up with something a bit more imaginative to complement the theme of your party. There is plenty of scope for invention here. How about designing your invitation like an autopsy report or a murder charge, or writing it in blood-red letters to give your guests the creeps and set the mood before your party has even started?

Halloween costume

© Dean Drobot - Shutterstock

No. 3: No Costume – No Entry

The point of celebrating Halloween is to dress up in scary costumes. Your guests are free to wear whatever they want as long as it fits with your theme. Anybody who doesn’t want to buy an expensive costume can use make-up to good effect – there are plenty of online tutorials to inspire you!

No. 4: Spooky Decorations

Look to horror film sets and spooky locations for inspiration. Classic Halloween decorations include spider webs, pumpkins and skeletons. Dimmed lighting and dark colours can also be used to great effect. A few props that reflect your theme will help to transform your venue into a scene of horror.

Halloween party food

© Anastasia Panait - Shutterstock

No. 5: Ghastly Delights

Make your Halloween party food a spookalicious treat for the eyes. Themed snacks will complement the effect of your decorations and costumes. Why not serve brain jelly for zombies washed down with Bloody Marys? Slugs and eyeball pasta, hot dog mummies and spider cookies are bound to leave your guests feeling ever so slightly queasy, too! There are lots of fun Halloween recipes available online.

No. 6: Fun and Games

Once you’ve sorted out the food and decorations, it’s time to think about entertaining your guests. Every party needs a soundtrack and in this case you want your playlist to be spooky as well as danceable. Combine guaranteed floor fillers with music from your favourite horror movies and scary sound effects such as sudden screams. Every once in a while, switch the lights off to plunge the room into darkness!

Our top 3 Halloween favourites are:

This is Halloween – Danny Elfmann
Deal with the Devil – Pop Evil
Thriller – Michael Jackson

Why not use a screen and projector to show Halloween-appropriate films such as Poltergeist, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Cabin Fever or Sinister? Check out these recommendations for more inspiration.

Party games are great, too, but remember to keep it simple as your guests may well be in an advanced state of inebriation to ward off the horrors. Mummy Wrap is always a favourite: ask your guests to pair off and hand each pair a roll of toilet paper. The aim of the game is to “mummify” their partners by wrapping them in toilet paper. The fastest pair wins.

Whether you decide to throw your own party or take part in one of the many events all across the city – Halloween in Berlin is sure to be a night to remember!



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