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30. 12. 2016 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en

As 2016 is rapidly drawing to a close it’s time for a look back at the joyous surprising and deeply saddening occasions that marked the passing of another eventful year in Berlin.


1. Special Events 

The year got off to a great start with the Berlin Fashion Week drawing fashionistas from all over the world to the German capital. Read More

16. 12. 2016 | Jürgen Kriegisch | News @en

With interest rates are at a record low and rents rising steadily this is an ideal time to buy a home. In spite of this a majority of people currently living in rented accommodation across Germany are reluctant to take this step. Only one in five respondents in a recent Interhyp survey believes that they stand a realistic chance of ever owning a home. Read More

09. 12. 2016 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, Tips & Tricks

When there’s a cold wind blowing and drivers have to scrape ice off their windscreens every morning it’s that time of the year again: winter’s just around the corner. The wet and cold season is the most dangerous time of the year to be on the roads. Read More

28. 11. 2016 | Jürgen Kriegisch | News @en

A trend that started as far back as 2009 is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon: property prices across Germany continue to rise. The average sales price for existing residential properties in the medium-priced market segment has increased by 6% since 2015. Read More

18. 11. 2016 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en

Everybody’s talking about Berlin. And so they should – after all the German capital is one of Europe’s most exciting cities. For anybody who is dying to join the conversation here are 25 amazing facts about Berlin to prove once and for all what a versatile city this is:

Read More

11. 11. 2016 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, Our Projects

You are an exercise fanatic who has the strong analytical skills and business acumen to run a successful fitness studio for an upmarket clientele? Why not turn your passion into your profession?

We can offer you an attractive commercial property in the heart of West Berlin to help you set up your own fitness studio. Read More

07. 11. 2016 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en

Germany is among the major innovators in the world. While the country hasn’t quite made it to the top spot as yet it recently came 10th in a worldwide ranking and 5th in the European Commission’s Innovation Scoreboard.

Although Germany’s nationwide performance is more than satisfactory not all regions are doing equally well in terms of innovation. Read More

14. 10. 2016 | Jürgen Kriegisch | News @en

With pensions falling no interest on savings and changing demographics an increasing number of Germans are turning to residential property investments to fund their retirement a recent TNS Emnid survey commissioned by Schwäbisch Hall has shown. 68 per cent of respondents considered homeownership their best option for retirement planning compared to only 7 per cent who stated that a state pension was their preferred option. Read More

30. 09. 2016 | Jürgen Kriegisch | News @en

Imagine the government passing a new law to give buyers of real estate a statutory bonus of €10 000 for which only high earners would be eligible. There would be a public outcry and serious questions regarding the fairness of this provision. Read More

16. 09. 2016 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, News @en

On 1 May 2016 the ban on misappropriation of residential properties (Zweckentfremdungsverbot-Gesetz aka ZwVbG) came into full force in Berlin after a two-year transition period. Since then several property owners who rent out apartments as holiday lets have filed claims with the Berlin Administrative Court with the aim of overturning the new law – including four owners from Rostock Italy and Denmark who were granted special dispensation by the court to continue renting out their apartments as holiday lets. Read More