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28. 11. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en

Christmas is almost upon us. The year is coming to its end and the air is filled with the smell of roasted almonds mulled wine and other festive treats and the sound of traditional Christmas carols. Everyone you meet seems to be looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year.

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23. 10. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Berlin @en, Tips & Tricks

Dressed in horrific costumes they lurk outside our front doors and their demand is simple: “Trick or treat!” Traditional American-style Halloween celebrations have long become a fixture in the German calendar. However the annual fright-fest on the last night of October is not just for children. Read More

12. 10. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Tips & Tricks

The leaves are falling from the trees the evenings are drawing in and temperatures are dropping: Autumn is upon us and it’s time to switch the heating on. We all want to protect our apartments and houses from the damp and the cold but at the same time make sure that our heating costs don’t spiral out of control. Read More

02. 10. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Tips & Tricks

It’s that time of the year again: summer has officially bid us farewell the days are getting shorter the weather is getting more inclement. Still there’s plenty to look forward to over the next few months: a time for cuddling up on the sofa with a warm rug and a few logs crackling in the fireplace.

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15. 09. 2017 | Jürgen Kriegisch | Tips & Tricks

Real estate accounts for a large share of the 400 billion euros inherited per year across Germany. In addition to their financial worth there is often a sentimental value attached to inheriting a childhood home or the pre-war building previously owned by beloved grandparents. Read More